Wrestling With Covid

Dear Diary, Professional wrestling has always been my escape from reality and when one thinks back over the last 18 months – that is something that we have all needed in spades. I originally got hooked because of my father but there are so many reasons why I continue to be a fan to this […]

Steelers Country

Dear Diary, I am a week late with this entry as NFL season began last weekend. I have always enjoyed watching American Football and some would say I am a little bit obsessed by the game.  I even was given the opportunity to write a few articles about the NFL back in the day when […]

Road Tripping #2

Dear Diary, I mentioned previously that Road Trips are always a good idea.  I must apologise then because in actual fact, I was wrong.  They are GREAT idea! In 2004, I embarked on an epic journey across the North East of the US which allowed me to visit New York, Boston, Lenox, Manchester Village, Niagara […]

Road Tripping

Dear Diary, Road Trips are always a good idea and in 2007, I embarked on a solo adventure along California State Route 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  You can read all about my road trip in Chapter 5 of the book but for now, here are just some of the sites that left […]


Dear Diary, In 2014, I travelled to Cancun, Mexico to fulfill a lifelong dream. You can find out more about this dream in Chapter 6 of the book but for now, let’s take a little visual journey. The power of a photograph is that it can transport you to another place and time in an […]


Dear Diary, Welcome to my new website! The ink is now dry on my new book  Adventures Through COVID: The Art of Subconscious Travel in a Transcendental State. You can purchase a copy from this web site: adventuresthroughcovid.com.au/bookshop