Paris Fotias Adventures through covid
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Dear Diary,

I mentioned previously that Road Trips are always a good idea.  I must apologise then because in actual fact, I was wrong.  They are GREAT idea!

In 2004, I embarked on an epic journey across the North East of the US which allowed me to visit New York, Boston, Lenox, Manchester Village, Niagara Falls, Pittsburgh & Philadelphia. 

In Chapter 5, you can read all about my adventure and which city that I just mentioned above, I did not get to experience the way I wanted to. 

But for now, here are just some of the memories that make me smile and help give me keep on, keeping on:

Lady Liberty
Funny, They All Knew My Name There
There’s A Bear Out There, Wheatleigh
Manchester Village
Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls
West End Bridge, Pittsburgh
The Chief – Art Rooney Sr
Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia