Paris Fotias Adventures through covid
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Dear Diary,

I am a week late with this entry as NFL season began last weekend.

I have always enjoyed watching American Football and some would say I am a little bit obsessed by the game.  I even was given the opportunity to write a few articles about the NFL back in the day when I was freelance writer. 

When it came to supporting a team, there was only ever one choice – the Pittsburgh Steelers!  They have such a storied history and have become one of the most successful franchises in the NFL.

From Three Rivers Stadium to Heinz Field, from the Steel Curtain to Blitzburgh, from Mean Joe to Big Ben; I am a proud Terrible Towel waving member of Steeler Nation.

So here a few memories from my many visits to the city of Pittsburgh especially my first visit to Heinz Field in 2004 and New Years Day game in 2017: 

Strip District
Black & Gold Ride
West End Bridge
Heinz Field
Heinz Field #2
Lombardi Heaven
Locker Room
Locker Room #2
Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!