Paris Fotias Adventures through covid
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Dear Diary,

Professional wrestling has always been my escape from reality and when one thinks back over the last 18 months – that is something that we have all needed in spades.

I originally got hooked because of my father but there are so many reasons why I continue to be a fan to this day. For one, the wrestlers themselves are outrageously athletic and insanely talented and almost never get the credit they so richly deserve. The sport can also be incredibly entertaining and when done properly, the story lines and acting are so much more enjoyable that your average midday soap opera.

Pre-Covid, the wrestling scene in Australia was having a renaissance. This not only meant the emergence of some very talented local grapplers to entertain us but that we also had some of the very best wrestlers from around the world visiting our shores. Below I have added a few of my favourite photos from the last couple of years.

What you might also notice in these photos, is that I have been a wonderful father and passed on my love of the sport to my daughter:

Me & Ivelisse
Me & T-Hawk
My Daughter, “The Machine” Brian Cage, Me & Melissa Santos
Me & Chavo Guerrero Jr
Me, My Daughter & SCU (Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky & Christopher Daniels)
Me & Jordynne Grace – Thick Mama Pump!
Me & Austin Aries – The Belt Collector
Me & Joey Ryan
Me & “The Villain” Marty Scurll
What Else Does One Dress Up As To A Black Tie Charity Dinner